Friday, March 4, 2011

SOTD: You Guess #2

Another bustling day begins- can't wait 'till tomorrow when I can finally finish up my next 'big' post. In any case, the hint for today's game- EDITED above.

The Vintage Perfume Vault, where the scent of yesterday's vogue lives.


Undina said...

I'm new to reading this blog so I'm not sure how these guessing games work. Hopefully, I'm not breaking any unspoken rules.

My guess would be Diorissimo by Dior.

Amelia said...

Undina: There are no unspoken rules here (except the Golden Rule, I suppose!) and so Welcome, Welcome! Glad you found the 'vault and hope you stick around...

I think this one was a little hard- so I'm going to give it to you- and because I happen to love your guess of Diorissimo: the painting is 'Paloma' by Picasso and the scent I wore was: Paloma Picasso's own self-named fruity green chypre: Paloma Picasso!

Thanks for playing- sadly no give aways this week but now since you've found your way, keep an eye out; I'll be doing more give-away contests once school lets out in late May, early June!

Undina said...


It was hard! You tricked me: I thought that Paloma Picasso would be too straight forward. The picture that you used as a clue was created in 1956, the same year as Diorissimo which - as I read in your blog - you like.
Anyway, I enjoyed the game, thank you. Will try again.

Amelia said...

I try to be obvious because no one seems brave enough to play when I make them harder. But now that you've shown up and raised the bar, perhaps I'll throw some more interesting, or at least more circuitous puzzles in the mix. Thanks for joining in!