Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SOTD: Donna edt Gherardini Firenze

No matter who your favorite 'Donna' is, you can't go wrong with today's scent -- DONNA, a powdery green chypre with ambery-leathery touches. From Italian leather goods makers Gherardini Firenz, released 1970s or 1980s (I'm guessing, no time to research today!) and of course, discontinued. I love this one- well worth a throw if you tend to like Italian style scents (refined, softish, skin-loving) and happen to see it! 
This photo of Donna is from Ebay seller Bonorman:)

The Vintage Perfume Vault, where the scent of yesterday's vogue lives.


Suzanne said...

Hey you! How do you find so many stunning photos? I just love that one of Donna Reed...such a sensual face and yet so real. Though I love the other Donna's, Donna Reed blows these other beauties out of the water.

Donna the fragrance sounds pretty good too. Bet you smell awesome today, pretty lady!


JoanElaine said...

I love the packaging. It has a YSL feel to it. Madonna looks so stunning, well all the Donnas do!

Sounds like a gorgeous perfume. I love green chypres. They just don't make them like the used to! Dawn of DSH perfumes has a new green chypre inspired by the old-school green chypres. I'm anxious to try it.

msveronica9 said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon this post! I remember Donna from the eighties when, as a teenager I'd bought at bottle from a discount store. I recall liking it very much, but until now I could not track down the brand. Thank you!

Amelia said...

Suzanne: So nice to hear from you- I've been missing my perfume friends! I agree with you about Donna Reed- an underrated and uniquely American beauty. She fits in perfectly around here- where the underrated, under-appreciated and forgotten always get top billing. It's always a surprise to see what's popping around the 'vault.

Amelia said...

Suzanne... my darn fingers slipped!...
right back at you;)

Amelia said...

Joan Elaine:
It does look very YSL doesn't it? Donna is a powdery green chypre, think pale Celadon green with some amber leanings. DHS does some amazing things; I'm up to try almost anything new by her. Thanks for commenting!

Amelia said...

Christine: Glad to refresh your memory. Check EBay if you're still looking, that's the only place I've seen it- and check back every few months, as it isn't all that common probably only a few bottles a year show up. Good luck and thanks for commenting.