Friday, December 10, 2010

SOTD: Prince Matchabelli Beloved Cologne Parfumee

image: Marilyn by Eve Arnold, 1955

Boy, did Prince Matchabelli ever make some great smelling perfumes. Today I'm wearing another of his fragrances and as much I enjoyed wearing his lilac scent, I'm even more in love with this 1950 release, called appropriately... "Beloved".

Beloved was originally advertised as being rich, warm whisper of youth for the mature woman. Compared by some reviewers over at Basenotes to La Nuit by Paco Rabanne, it opens as a juicy orange, followed by jasmine, rose and amber. And while I'm not yet able to define it precisely the scent has an incense note, one that I associate with many vintage perfumes. But what really sets it apart to me is the strong clear civet note. I smell it immediately and throughout wearing. It is strong and yet so well melded to the spice and amber that is escapes perception as dirty. At the dry-down, the civet and amber, clinging to a dash of beeswax, is all that I smell. People who adore Shocking, Youth Dew and Royal Secret should like this scent. But I recommend it most to those of you interested in adding a terrific vintage "animal" scent to your wardrobe, for not a whole lot of bucks.

 image: national geographic

Note: This perfume is always called "Cologne Parfumee"- it is actually part of the title "Beloved Cologne Parfumee". I see some newer looking bottles, but I'd try to get something in a crown shaped bottle or if you know Matchabelli, one of their 1950s style. Beloved originally came in the Robin's Egg Blue Crown Bottle.

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