Saturday, May 22, 2010

One more for the road- Lentheric Miracle

Above is a 1926 advertisement for Lentheric Miracle. It is shown in its original black and gold flecked flacon. Later versions of Miracle (late 1930-1940s) are found in the crystal Greco-Roman inspired coulmn bottles.
This post is just a quick update on yesterday's post- this time with some scant information I managed to locate on the notes for this most interesting of the Lentheric offerings (to me, at least). Yesterday I mentioned finding something metallic in Miracle- I thought about Iris and pine as I sniffed. And then I found a partial list of notes- White Iris Root, Morrocan Cedar and Laveder. Well, that explains the Iris and pine I was getting. I still suspect my bottle has lost some of the grogeous roundness and fullness I would expect to find (still) in a sealed parfum version of Miracle. If and when I do manage to locate some of this elixer, I'll be sure to do a quick update of it. In the meantime, happy sniffing to us all...

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