Friday, December 12, 2008

Upcoming : Shalimar vs Emerdaude

This will be an upcoming post. Octavian on 1000fragrances recently asked a question about the relationship between these two famous scents. How much did the Coty scent influence the Guerlain creation or vice-versa? I stay away from Guerlain history because there are so many better informed sources and besides, I focus mainly on the "off the beaten path" USA fragances (but I will continue to include perfumes from all over the world depending only on what I discover.) But Coty is one of my go to guys for great vintage USA perfumes. Besides, what could Mr. Coty's Emerald masterpiece add to Jacques Guerlain's inspiration for perhaps the greatest commercially produced perfume of all time- Shalimar?
So I have a slightly different mission/obsession: to figure out how (and if) the earlier "vintage" versions of each of these somewhat quirky, love em/hate em "citrus oriental" scent twins
stack up against their modern reformulated versions. I'm still testing everything out so tune in for results later this month (I hope!)

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