Monday, May 16, 2011

SOTD: Jil Sander No 4 and random thoughts

Arghh! I'm still on work-imposed blog-cation. So much pent up vintage perfume fixation/frustration has built up, and I haven't even found time and space to answer a number of important reader queries. Ah, well... in these extremely trying economic times I'm actually lucky to have a job at all so I really can't complain. But speaking of vintage perfumes (and only to hint at my mind's turnings as of late), take a look at this article about how our sense of smell depends almost exclusively on training. I am more convinced than ever that our sense of smell is completely dependent on our own personal history of perfume and scent exposure and is shaped in large part by what (and when) we've had access to smell. I also notice 'generational swings' in people's preferences for most things; don't you?

In any case, dear readers, I apologize for my absence! I miss even having time to read others' blogs, which is worse than not having time to write for the most part. But no matter; it's off to work I must go. Today I'll be wafting a cloud of Jil Sander No 4, a signature scent from a past life...

The Vintage Perfume Vault, where the scent of yesterday's vogue lives.and can't wait for May 28th to roll around-


Undina said...

I was just thinking the other day that I haven't seen your posts in my RSS feed in a while. I am glad everything's fine and you're just busy.
Don't worry: we'll be here when you return.

Amelia said...

Thanks- I'll begin catching up, finally!