Friday, March 11, 2011

Whole lotta love: Body Shop Fuzzy Peach edt

This Etsy shop photo of a fuzzy peach reminds me of Sonic Youth's album "Dirty" .... how about you?

Even if your taste in music doesn't run toward great 1980s - early 1990s post-punk, there's a chance you still remember when the Body Shop was something of a new concept here in US. When The Body Shop first opened up in my local mall in Northern California, well, I thought I'd found nirvana... along with the long-defunct Makeup Forever. Besides Body Shop's ubiquitous White Musk, another popular favorite at the time was their Fuzzy Peach perfume oil.

Fuzzy Navel was a popular 'new' bar concoction of the time that all women loved: dessert and drinks in one step, it saves you calories and keeps the sweet tooth quiet- or so I thought at the time. BS Fuzzy Peach was a perfect scent for it. For me this scent presages the late 1990s going strong into the 2010s avalanche of everything body related sporting fruity flavors. In case you were too young to recall the Love's Fresh Lemon and Max Factor Green Apple scents of the 1970s... this might have been the first time you smelled such a thing.

In the early 1990s, and in California, at least, and for those taken with the grunge-tainted spirit of the time, it was really considered unique and desirable to smell of some fruity candy-like odor instead of a proper perfume. No self-respecting California girl wanted to smell like mom's old No.5 or Shalimar back then... I guess we thought we were doing our "own" thing (lol), how times have stayed the same and I have changed!

Actually, since the original Body Shop Fuzzy Peach perfume oil and the edt version have long since been discontinued, it's once again unique. A glowing neon tribute to fuzzy peaches everywhere, I definitely smell a bit of mango in the mix as well. But overall it fits in with the Demeter scent library ethos and as such, is pretty simple and straightforward.  It still knocks my socks off, although maybe mostly because I haven't smelled it in like 25 years! It's still nostalgic and sunny, enough so to put a big stupid grin on my face- and that's pretty great for something I found in a dollar grab bag at the local thrift;)

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kjanicki said...

That reminds me of the drink all the girls drank at parties in the late 80's - the Fuzzy Navel. I cannot even imagine drinking that now, but boy did we love it then.

Amelia said...

Yes, we drank them lots, too. With peach schnapps, vodka and oj, it's one of the fruitiest cocktails out there, really. The scent still makes me smile, though.

Suzanne said...

Even though I don't typically like fragrances with peach, this post was so much fun to read, and brought back so many good memories (Love's Fresh Lemon, yes! and Fuzzy Navels, mm hmm!) that I can't help thinking, ooh, that sounds good. :)

My day feels sunnier now. Thanks for such a delightful post!

Amelia said...

Suzanne: This one is all kinds of fun. Thanks for sharing the good vibes... And I've got to say, I've really enjoyed reading your last couple of entries as well over at the Perfume Journal. Great stuff;)