Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SOTD: L'feu d'issey

Offscenter at Basenotes gives a couple of alternate note lists for this 1998 discontinued release:

Bergamot, coconut, rosewood, anise, jasmine, rose, milk, caramel, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, musk. (from OsMoz.com)

Bergamot, coriander, pepper, rose, tuberose, lily of the valley, carnation, cedar, guaiac wood, amber. (Pere de Pierre)

Whatever the case with the notes, it's milk and spicy. Some even say that the the scent makes them queasy but I find it fascinating- warm, insistent, like solar-power, it's kinda' in your face and blows you away; actually, it's perfect for what I've got cooking today...

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image #2: basenotes


Undina said...

I like Le Feu Light. 10 years ago I went throgh the whole botle of it, bought a second (small one) - and still have something left in there.

Amelia said...

It was so different from the original as I recall- lighter, fresh and more citrusy? I loved the pink color of your bottle... but I went with the original Feu because it was Christmas at the time!