Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's not over: Bella and One Hundred % Bijan!

How could I have missed it? A week or so ago I did an SODT post on what I thought was Bijan Men 1981- but still, there was something, something not quite right... Then I found a bottle on Ebay-

And knew I'd found the true identity of my 'b' bottle: One Hundred % Bijan! (for Women). This one is off the radar, folks. You will find nary a mention of it if you go looking for it on Fragrantica, Basenotes or Perfume Intelligence. One Hundred % Bijan! made a few waves when it was released but not for the juice- it was because of the advertising campaign. As near as I can tell it came out in 2000 and has since been discontinued; it has disappeared, vanished really, from most on-line and after-market stores.

Anyway, the advertising campaign featured a Texas plus size gal known to me as 'Bella'.

She says she wasn't fazed at all by the request to pose nude. I'm sure you can imagine, Bella has quite a few fans of her own. As for the bottle, it's still a bit odd... I mean, I can see the bottle in the Bella ad and it's the turban/swirl style cap often found on Bijan's favorite doughnut style bottle. But here it is in the humble little 'b' bottle. Did the ad campaign fall uncharacteristically flat? Perhaps so no, visiting the Bijan Bella link, it seems not... Seems for some unknown reason Bijan either killed or sold the rights for this juice, or at the least, allowed it to be repackaged and sold through some other venue. The reasons are known only to the perfume company. Five Star Fragrances is Bijan's parent company, by the way.

Whatever the case, I stand by my original synposis of the scent- crammed full to brimming with oriental notes, herby, resinous, incensey, yummy smelling things! Oh, and there's a partial bottle for sale on EBay now (I've borrow the picture for this post), so here's a little love back- check it out if you are curious!

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queen_cupcake said...

Bella is one bodacious babe! The ads remind me of the work of a famous Columbian painter, Fernando Botero. I have to hand it to Mr. B: his ads are original!

Amelia said...

queen_cupcake: yes she does look as if she stepped off the canvas from one of Mr. Botero's paintings, doesn't she? Perhaps Bijan is a fan and the ads are his form of an homage to the artist and to Bella's particular endowments! In any case, isn't it funny that the ads are still up, linked to his website while the scent itself appears long gone? And I wonder if Bella really answers those emails??