Monday, January 11, 2010

What I'm Wearing Today: Lutece by Houbigant

It's a busy time for me at work right now so I'm still back-burning my next big review but today I'm wearing Houbigant's 1984 release Lutece. If you're familar with the scent, you probably recognize the bold, abstract floral design printed on the packaging for this perfume. The flower is a rose which of course makes sense, given that Lutece is built around Rose de Mai. According to magnificent over at MUA, it also has rosewood, geranium, peony, orris, tonka, musk, heliotrope, cinnamon, cedarwood, vetiver and vanilla. Going by the notes, Lutece sounds a lot like another old favorite of mine, Ombre Rose. I love Ombre Rose for the way its honey and beeswax notes play off the woody rosy notes, while Lutece is equally powdery it is less sweet and a bit more forceful and a little sharp around the edges thanks to a stiff dose of aldehydes at its opening. I'm enjoying the lotion and shower gel versions of Lutece which are a perfect way to ease from the dreamy world of a warm bed to the chilly, foggy days that start long before the sun rises.  I'll be  back soon with a proper review, in the meantime: what are you wearing?!

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creffield said... some Jovan Woman, which is a really cosy powdery-chypre on me. I loved your review of Ravel's Faun a while back, it sounded so fascinating!

Amelia said...

I love Jovan Woman, too! I usually have good luck with any vintage juice that's olive green colored, and my bottle of Jovan Woman is exactly that color. Funny you mention the Ravel, it's such a rare find... and thanks for posting:)