Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working, working...

(image 1979 ad from hprints) always but more so from now through the end of May...  I do have a new post brewing but the trail on the story turned and so now we must wait while I gather more evidence and evaluate; in the meantime you are not forgotten, dear friends.

Today I'm wearing Shalimar spray (parfum de cologne or edt). The bottle is dressed in a white and blue floral design canister, probably a late 1960s vintage. Although it can be considered fickle and tricky to wear  by some, I can hardly go wrong with Shalimar- any version, from any year.

You may recall the tragically discontinued 2003 version Shalimar Eau Legere composed by the talented Mathilde Laurent. I completely adore it but am saving mine to wear at the height of summer. It's lemony and airy with pillowish facets are a perfect antidote and compliment to the heat.

(image 2003 ad from hprints)

Sometimes animalic- full of smoke and leather, sometimes tender and child-like thanks to a vanilla and iris-rose heart, and at other times, nearly gustatory-gourmand with a citric kiss; no matter the woman, Shalimar always fascinates.

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