Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello out there, hello out there.... Le Couvent Des Minimes Orange Blossom

Just funnin'. Actually, though I'm finally getting around to posting a bunch of backlogged comments so if you're one of those whose commented here and found it appears to have been ignored...  I apologize that you'll have to go back to the original post if you want to read my replies.

Today I'm wearing the divine, discontinued gem ORANGE BLOSSOM Floral Water by Le Couvent des Minimes. A gem for both its price and it's scent. Not only is it refreshing and soothing in the heat of summer but it is uplifting as well. And uplifting is exactly what I need today.

I apologize for tiny photo- I cribbed it from Victoria of Victoria's Own because where else could I find it?! I suppose I could've photographed it myself but call me lazy- I went for the easy option. The bottle looks small but is actually quite large- 5.1 fluid ounces. Le Couvent des Minimes (LCdM) is a L'Occitane brand but it is, or was, sold exclusively through Bath & Body Works. Orange Blossom Floral Water (Formula No704) debuted in 2006 and was discontinued that same year (ouch!) although it was very well liked... The very similar themed Fleur d'Oranger was released by LCdM in 2009.

The scent of Orange Blossom Floral Water is pure orange blossom... and by that, I mean we have an orange tree in our yard and this is it. Or smells just like it, in that really hyper-real way that only some perfumes achieve. It's always funny when some relatively cheap scent comes along and positively blows other, more costly versions of the same thing away. Not to get too personal, but I find this Orange Blossom stands up very favorably to, for example, Serge Lutens Fleur d'Oranger.

I love orange blossom. I could wax for hours about the smell of an orange tree when it's in bloom- we have quite a few throughout our neighborhood and they perfume the streets around here like crazy in early Spring.

My only complaint about the scent is that the spray nozzle has gone missing and nothing else fits it just right. So I'm left fumbling around with all of my nozzles trying to keep myself adequately saturated and sedated. Well, that and the fact it's discontinued.

What discontinued perfume (bargain) are you bemoaning today?

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Amanda said...

It sounds lovely. I created an orange blossom perfume myself because I was disappointed with the smell of some of the more high-end ones. I also wonder why the perfumes are discontinued if they are so popular and well-received.

Amelia said...

Amanda- Wow, I really like that you made your own perfume- do you make others as well?

I think perfumes are discontinued because the manufacturers know that in the end, they make more money by offering us constantly changing and increasing choices.

It seems like a crass strategy in so many ways but maybe it works.

孫邦柔 said...


Amanda said...

Yes, I do make three at the moment which are for sale in my Etsy store, and I am currently working on a few more.
It's a shame that the manufacturers do that. I like to try new perfumes, but it is so much better if you can continue to invest in a few of the same scents that you come to know and love over the years, because fragrance is so personal and intimate.
I really like your blog by the way.

Flora said...

Oh, I loved that orange blossom stuff! I bought the cologne, the body cream and the shower gel, all of which were awesome. The body cream was just the best, and when I went to B&BW to get more I was shocked to find that it was already gone! It ws the best fragrance they have ever sold in those stores!

Amelia said...

Amanda: Thank you for the compliment and please comment here again with the name of your Etsy store so we can visit and see what you have there:)

Flora: Isn't it a shame? As soon as my current bottle is gone I'll be back on the hunt for the next greatest orange blossom fragrance.

Amanda said...

Oh dear, so sorry for only now getting back to you. I have you on my "follow" list but for some reason was not getting your responses or new posts. But I think it is all sorted out now.

The name of my store is www.amandajones.etsy.com.

Thanks for your interest, and I'm off to catch up on your latest posts now.