Friday, April 2, 2010

I'll be wearing vintage Diorissimo for Easter, how about you?

("Best Easter Wishes" 1908 Rotograph Co., NY from Shorpys)

(image: mes-parfums)

Oh, I'll be switching to Dior's breathtaking vintage Diorissimo parfum for later today and tomorrow as the Church begins to observe Easter with the Crucifixion of Christ. Diorissimo is Dior's iconic ode to lily of the valley (LOV), composed in 1956 by Edmond Roudnitska. My version of Diorissimo is a vintage 1970 parfum. It represents the pure scent of lilies combining lily of the valley and amaryllis lily with supporting notes that don't compliment but rather support the lilies. Lily of the valley scents, especially exemplified by Diorissimo, have become my scents of choice for observing Easter. After all, lilies are symbolic of death and ressurection; Lily of the valley is sometimes called Mary's Tears after the tears cried by Mary at seeing Jesus on the cross. There is also a tradition of lily of the valley only being allowed to grow on gravesites (although it can be very invasive and spread like a weed in its native areas). Perhaps this tradition is related to the story that lilies of the valley sprung up from the ground where the monk St. Leonard's blood was shed during his great battles with a terrible dragon  in 559 A.D. while that of the dragon's yieled only poisonous weeds. But most importantly, lily of the valley is associated with renewal; it is often called by the name Ladder to Heaven or Jacob's Tears. Lilies are mentioned in the verse from the Song of Solomon referring to the Lilies of the Field. And lily, particularly the sharper and greener lily of the valley, ushers in the true spirit of spring; it is especially exhilarating to wear at this time of year. So enjoy any and all preparations and plans you have for the holiday. I hope you enjoy celebrating it as much as I plan to...

(image of young girl with lily of the valley: the french factrice)

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Six' said...


Vintage Diorissimo is certainly the way to go! I remember receiving a bottle as a little girl (not the parfum, of course!), that gorgeous lily-of-the-valley was a complete delight!
Have you smelled the eau de parfum Dior just released? I'd rather not go there or I'll start to weep.

Here though, LOTV is strongly associated with May 1st... for Easter, I think I'll go with one of those Spring-in-a-bottle scents, Frederic Malle's En Passant ...or Patou's gorgeous, gorgeous Vacances, which I love dearly.

Amelia said...

Six' Love your choices for Easter! Enjoy.