Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guess Original Eau De Parfum

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Released 1990. Top notes are fruity- citrus (mandarin, grapefruit and lemon) and black currant bud. A powerhouse heart of flowers- orange blossom and jasmine for sweetness and lush womanlyness, lily of the valley and hyacinth for the upper register, bringing the heart-break or piercing quality of longing to the composition. An oriental-chypre base with more oriental character: amber, orris root, vanilla, sandalwood and oak moss/patchouli. The chypre here is entirely modern after the styles of 1970s green (YSL Y, Fidgi) and not the silken and refined or highly embroidered greens of earlier years. It is kitten and a little tigress, too, even if the claws on this cat remain sheathed.

There is a vintage vibe about this one, it is a true kindred spirit of an earlier time in perfumes. But I recall not liking it a whole lot when it first came out. For some reason I could not handle it at the time and thought it smelled of coconut. It stalked me like a heavy, head-ache inducing amber monster.  But my how times have changed! Now when I smell it I'm touched by it's mellow beauty, the jewel-like quality of the resinous touches accented by beautiful candied citrus and studded with flowers. It is above all a romantic perfume. I imagine spending fall in cable-knit tights, knee high boots, a clingy knitted skirt and several layers of cashmere and scarves on top, all laced up with gold chains and a healthy shot of Guess EDP. Add a handsome man, a gorgeous location (with shopping nearby) and a cappuccino... Heaven!

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