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Forever Krystle by Carrington Parfums

image: AuntiesFashions
Forever Krystle 
Released 1984.
Notes: A refined oriental, floral, notes of mimosa, rose, musk and bergamot.

Linda Evans played in the role of Krystle Carrington beginning in 1984. A perfume honoring the character called Forever Krystle was released that same year. The scent's supposed claim to fame is that it was the first of its kind- the Celebrity Scent. Ironically it was created only for a character, rather than for the 'real' woman... most celebrity scents of today want us to believe the latter story, when in fact it is virtually always the former. I've been looking but cannot find a nose attached to this scent.
It was quickly followed by Carrington, a masculine scent for Blake. Not to be outdone, Joan Collins began to promote Scoundrel Musk for Revlon the very same year (1984). Forever Krystle succeeded to trade on the immense popularity of the Dynasty series, and especially that of the Krystle Carrington character. Krystle was soft but tenacious and above all, a gracious lady. She exhibited class and restraint as she stood by her man through thick and thin. It should not surprise us then that her perfume features soft notes that combine to wear with a strength like iron. FK has a strong clear silage, a single minded (linear) development and long skin-life. This perfume is classified as an oriental, but it's one with plenty of attitude. The rose-mimosa-musk trio play together hot and heavy here, each one in competition and there is nothing subtle about their intentions.  Deep and mysterious Forever Krystle isn't... but then, sometimes deep isn't what you want (or need). A scent built to please a man, maybe more than the woman wearing it, it's something no one is likely to miss or ignore.
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 The message is one of radiant femininity, nurturing, serene and sensual- to those who know how to wear it. Yet it is difficult, if not impossible for others to fathom it's charms. For one thing, it offers no chase and no mystery, no hint that it might containing something unexpected... It says purely, "Me Jane, you Tarzan!" And as you might imagine with such an instrument, it works very well in the hands of some and not at all for others. At it's best, it wears soft and glowing, like a cloud of refined and gracious beauty. As the wearer moves about it puffs itself gently into the air, inviting others to come in closer, to breathe it in even more deeply. I also detect a pleasing prick of pepper that punctuates the resinous amber dry down and provides a little tension in the composition.

But at it's worst it can be suffocating, all at once chalky-thick, bitter and sickening sweet, like a love potion gone bad.

Forever Krystal was a mega-hit scent in it's day at first exclusive, then widely released at drugstores. It's been repackaged a couple of times and most likely reformulated, although I've smelled a few different versions and it retains it's character. Now it's becoming altogether scarce and has become a cult favorite among scent collectors and perfume aficionados, popular in all its variations. As you can see the prices are edging up and up on Ebay and it's sold out at most online retailers.
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Some people compare Forever Krystle to the old Gloria Vanderbilt scent (the one with the light purple background and Swan logo). It is no doubt related to the famous powdery-feminine scent archetypes Coty's L'origan and Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue. But a little bird over at Beauty Addict says it also smells like Jo Malone's Vanilla and Anise, which is perhaps more suited to modern tastes- Isn't this a great mash-up photo of the two from BeautyAddict? Vermont Country Store also has a dupe of FK (or is it a copy? or a newly formulated version of the original?) that they describe as a "sweet but tangy blend of mimosa, rose, musk, and bergamot. Leaves a legacy of enchantment". As for how good any of these are I can't say. I just reach for the real thing when I'm in the mood. If you want to experience the original Forever Krystle, I'm offering a nearly full bottle of the old original formula, available right now for a song- see my Ebay side bar.

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Vintage Lady said...

I very well remember seeing the publicity for this perfume during Dynasty tv series. I was younger to try it, and now it is late for I couldn't find it here, just the bottle, perhaps. It was the time of Liz Taylor's perfume creations, I think.

Amelia said...

Yes, I was a little young for it then, also. But now it is going, going, and soon gone from the world!

Vintage Lady said...

Oh pity! Who knows if she thinks of a perfume comeback!