Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage perfume shopping this weekend?

Then look what's for sale on Ebay now...  Coty's Chypre perfume.  Too bad the top of the box is missing but it's such a pretty presentation what with that fancy colored glass carved stopper.... Just in case you were thinking about treating yourself this weekend!

hprints - Coty 1942 ad
Ebay seller oneguy44 - vintage Coty Chypre perfume

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a gorgeous bottle! I have a mini with the milky green Bakelite cap. I love Chypre. It has a an interesting tarragon-y, licorice-y touch to it, which I think in perfume terms is called "anisic."

queen_cupcake said...

I searched for this one but there was absolutely no sign of it anywhere on eBay, not even in Completed Listings. Do you have an item number?

Amelia said...

queen_cupcake: it is only listed as "Chypre"- the item number is 350397731422.

Amelia said...

Yesterdaysperfume: Your blog is ba-nan-ahs. Love it.