Sunday, August 1, 2010

What to do with all that old perfume?

image: unknown source

Today is laundry day and the house smells like heaven- thanks to an old bottle of Habanita eau de cologne. It smelled alright but I just never wear it. Perhaps the top notes have burned off too much or perhaps it's just not my scent. In any case, I hate to throw perfume away- but I accumulate so much of the stuff! So what to do?
                                    image: a Source Parfumee in the village of Gourdon in Provence

Well, there was an unfortunate late night run in with a skunk this week... and quite a few of our old towels picked up the odor after we used them to blot our dogs (after washing them with the prescribed odor-eating mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.)

I washed the towels in Tide with Febreze to no avail- they came out of the machine as stinky as they went in. Then I got the idea to try something a little different. So I mixed the Habanita cologne with some water (about 1/2 the volume of the perfume) and it turned an even, milky white. I then added several tablespoons of this liquid to liquid Woolite and rewashed. The towles smelled good out of the wash but I was really impressed  when they came out of the drier as clean as ever but with a divine sweet smelling scent and no trace of skunk (or the heaviness you usually associate with Habanita).

Next week I think I'll try scenting something else via the wash... maybe a load of bedsheets.

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ScentScelf said...

I've always wanted to do a perfumed wash experiment.

Have played with essential oil blends, and landed on one I like a number of years ago. But I was never brave enough to proceed without a guideline (would the perfume just get washed away? would some ingredient in the perfume ruin the fabric? will I destroy my washer? etc) so I didn't proceed.

I do think your skunk encounter provided the necessary release from any bonds of concerns... So, I'm sorry you got skunked, but I'm glad for the Habanita success!

Amelia said...

Thanks ScentSelf- Yes Habinita really held up well scent-wise- and the fabrics (I've tried it one a few other loads, by now) seem unaffected, other than by the scent. If you haven't done so already, (I need to go check in over at your blog and see), do you tell us about your laundry secrets?