Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Sightings- Kidmetics Cologne, Lentheric Miracle and Vintage Rouge


This week and for almost no good reason, comes a little trio of vintage finds. Each is worth mentioning in its  own right but I'm not up for three separate posts. First is Kidmetics Cologne... we have tons of this type stuff on the market now, toiletry products aimed at post-Johnson and Johnson aged kids. But back in 1953, the ads for Kidmetics grooming products for children asked, "Why hasn't somebody thought of this before?" Boxed sets contained children's shampoo, cologne and powder. This weekend I came across a little bottle of their Sugar 'n Spice cologne and it reminded me of sweeter by-gone days.

(image: my own)

Sugar 'n Spice was a classic idea for children but today the popularity of foody notes in perfumes has soared so much that we see sugar and spice themes in many adult releases, as well. Luckily for us, the perfumer usually works in a few other notes as well to hold one's interest. But I get the feeling that this children's scent was an afterthought of a marketing man's scheme to appeal to a new target demographic for consumers, and that it is done without much respect for the recipeint... Kidmetics' Sugar 'n Spice smells sweet and plasticy.

(image: Ebay seller cagna03)

                                                     (image from

 It's flat and heavy and reminds me a little bit of the gas they used to put you under when you got your tonsils pulled out, back in the day of  big black rubber gas masks. It's that type of sickly oversweet thing... and under this top is a faintly sour, powdery underscent; there is a smidgen of cookie dough, as well.  Mostly it is worthy for its cute retro graphic label and cool bakelite caps. Cute graphics on the box, too, and perhaps, if the ad is correct, it was the forerunner of a now huge category of cosmetic related grooming products for kids. From the Kidmetics division of Associated Brands, Inc, Brookland, New York, circa 1953.

(image from vintageadbrowser, Lentheric 1945)

(image: quirkyfinds)

Next is Lentheric Miracle cologne. Miracle is a sparkingly citrus cocktail with sweet herbal touches that highlight a light chypre base; really delish, it's a tall drink of cool water. I've said before that I'm a little shy of collecting Lentheric, many of their scents that I come across, seem to have turned...  The set above contains Miracle, Shang-hai and Tweed, three of the biggest sellers for Lentheric in 1945-1955 years.  I had issues with one of the companion bottles to this one, the bottle of Shang-Hai, because the perfume had broken apart into dark balls of oil in a clear liquid... But, perhaps it's only been bad luck so far? Happily for me this specimen of Miracle smells lovely and makes me want to look further into this brand I've mostly neglected.


(image: cgi_ebay)

And lastly a shout-out for my growing passion- vintage powder rouges. The ones you see in my photo wit the perfumes is Avon Dressing Table Rouge, in Ripe Cherry.  The center one is a vintage find and lastly is Heather's Oramber. These powder rouges can be fantastic finds! They tend to survive mostly intact, in wear-able form, even these many years later, giving a dynamite selection of authentic vintage colors. The powder is finely milled and contains some of the most highly pigmented of any powders I've found, including modern stage make-up. I have Oramber, a somehow cool light coral, and now this beautiful bright cherry red (brighter than it appears) in my collection. Both appear clownishly bright in the pan but when blended give surprisingly fresh and natural looking results. I use it mostly to tint my lips. Dotting it on with a small amount of lip balm creates a very pretty and very buildable color, giving anything from the sheerest wash to the deepest high drama matte velvet lip. Just a tiny dot on the apples of the cheeks, blended with a dot of that same lip balm, gives you the shining flushed cheeks of  a young Elizabeth Taylor. A little black mascara and a swipe of black liner along the top lashline (a wash of sheer white eyeshadow), and you have a fresh faced, vintage look that has never gone out of style. Now the disclaimer- I know and control the products I use on my body and so should you. Never wear anything you haven't checked out first, with vintage as with new.

The Vintage Perfume Vault, where the scent of yesterday's vogue lives.


外太空 said...


Sachiko Shiota said...

Hi. I was doing a google search and came across your pretty blog. My mother recently gave me a tiny box full of thin glass perfume vials. I'm guessing they're from around 30 years ago, but I don't know what they're called, specifically. (Somehow, "glass vials" probably isn't the right name.) I posted the photos on my blog, so if you're interested, please take a look at them and tell me if there's a name for them.

Prosetry said...

There must not be any other perfume-obsessed ladies (or gentlemen!) in my area, because I just finally went out to the local antique stores to try my luck with vintage perfume and found all kinds of crazy stuff, like an unopened, boxed bottle of My Sin extrait, a set of vintage Shalimar pdt and body creams, Cabochard parfum, etc. It was quite the haul! One of the loveliest things I found was a half-empty, boxed bottle of Lentheric Gardenia de Tahiti. Even with some of the top-notes spoiled, it's a gorgeous tropical gardenia. When I picked it up, it was emanating this soft, sweet coconuttiness and white florals, and even though I didn't know what it was at the time, I had to buy it.

I also found an unopened bottle of Coty's La Rose Jacqueminot. I think it's the original vintage, not the 80s rerelease. I hate to be forward, but if you haven't sampled this, I would really like to send you some. Your blog has become indispensable to me. I look on it as a museum. If there's any way I can help your cause, I'd love to. Would it be a bother if I drop a line once in a while, to check to see if you'd like to test anything I've found, if you haven't collected it already yourself?

Amelia said...

Proetry: I would love to sample La Rose Jacqueminot- I also occasionally send out samples of things I collect, as well, so I'm sure I can find somethings you'd like as well... email me at and we can exchange information. Way to go on checking your local antique stores; it's so exciting to find things like that!

Mike said...

Does anyone remember a perfume/EDT called "It". I think it was made by Lentheric but I am not 100% sure.

Would love to be able to find some again


Anonymous said...

Nice article. Wasn't what I was looking for but your post was so interesting I read the whole article. Thanks

Amelia said...

Mike- I don't remember it and I don't remember It, either (lol)- sorry, Mike but I just couldn't resist:)
Actually, could you be refering to the perfume iT (I think it is called eyeT- by Jaye Hersh)?

Amelia said...

BestWicklessCandles- glad you like!

cletsey said...

Kidmetics Cologne was very interesting I wanted to try this it seems that the scent really amazing!

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Adriana said...

Can anyone give a clue about the fragrances House Molnar& Moser( 40`s-50`s)? Beforehand thanks a lot!
Best regards!

Sonja said...

I am looking for some perfume called It by Lentheric too! Have you managed to find any further information??

Much appreciated,

Amelia said...

Lena, Mike & Karen: Sorry for being slow to respond- IT was made by Lentheric. It was a newer release for them, done in 1978. It is a fresh floral and I've never seen any bottles but if I do I'll post all about it.

Amelia said...

Adriana: Molnar& Moser was a Hungarian perfume house. I don't know much about but haven't even paid attention to before. I've seen only one example of theirs- a Cologne de Russe. Just by the outdated 1880s style of the label on the 1940s-ish bottle I saw, make me think it is probably an old house.