Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dana Voodoo: vintage perfume sighting?

I have here a photo of a little bottle of perfume I've had for several years. I've always loved the scent contained in the dark traces of juice remaining, but I never had an idea of the identity of the mystery scent. Then, while researching another Dana perfume story, I came across another photo that reminded me a lot of my little bottle. What do you think? Are they the same thing?

My bottle is really tiny, only 1 1/2" tall, a micro mini. The latter image is a larger 2 ounce size. It has the name etched on the cap, but it would never fit on the micro. But notice how the perfume traces even look the same. So I think it's likely I've finally identified this mystery bottle. And now, I want confirmation. So if any readers know the answer for sure, or can maybe describe how Voodoo smelled, I'd love to know. The perfume in my sample smells very sweet and cherry flavored, like the pie with spices and everything. A heliotrope laden scent with herbal top notes and a typical dirty french base, is what I get. Today I smell lots of cloves and cinnamon in it, too, but I could've sworn before it was just sweet cherry.

If I ever find another example of VooDoo, I'll do a more extensive review!

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