Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday from the 'vault!

Postcard featuring actress and singer Lily Elsie

Lots of catching up to do, but pressing schedules means it still be a few days before I begin to get to it. Oh well. In the meantime, the little scented goodies and goblins keep trickling in- and I can't wait to share them with you.

Today (and actually all week), I'm wearing a non-vintage Penhaligon's Lily & Spice. Really lovely if you like your lily a la Un Lys or Donna Karan Gold, but with the spice leaning towards saffron; it manages to be lighter and simpler than either of those. Well suited to the modern gal but I think it would've been worn equally well by a vintage beauty like the lovely Lily Elsie.

Some people think L&S suffers from poor longevity but it lasts and lasts (overnight, into the next morning) on me so I have to give it high marks all around.  I hope you're wearing something equally blissful today!

The Vintage Perfume Vault, where the scent of yesterday's vogue lives.


Anonymous said...

Nice hat and thanks for all the information you provide about perfume, love reading your blogs.

Amelia said...

Hey, thanks for that and Happy Halloween!